Farmington Valley Academy Montessori Programs:

The Montessori curriculum emphasizes the inter-dependences of life.  In the context of a mixed-age classroom, students pursue language, math, science, geography, history, art , music and theatre.  Rather than a fragmented array of special classes, however, the program challenges students to integrate and synthesize information, identify and analyze problems and develop inquiry and problem-solving skills. 


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Toddler Program

Believing that education begins at birth, the young children’s community is a carefully prepared environment to help children begin to realize their full potential and achieve independence.  Focused on the power of the absorbent mind, Montessori materials are presented in the classroom to encourage the development of language, sensorial experiences, motor coordination, as well as social and practical life skills. These activities become treasures in the child’s unconscious mind, waiting to be awakened and utilized as the child moves through the sensitive periods of development.  A typical day includes lessons, outdoor play, music and art.  Natural curiosity and guidance offered by the teachers enable each toddler to become part of a larger community.


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Primary Program / Extended Day

The primary classroom is a specially prepared environment for children from 2.9 to 6 years of age. Having children of multi ages working together in one setting develops independence, leadership and promotes socialization. The teacher in a Montessori classroom is trained to recognize the windows of learning or sensitive periods that occur in young children and uses didactic materials to maximize the intellectual growth of each individual. The curriculum is based on five vital areas – practical life, sensorial, math, language and culture.


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Elementary Program

The elementary curriculum builds on the academic foundation and social skills established in the primary program. The classroom is a carefully prepared environment, designed to facilitate abstract learning for students in first through sixth grade. The curriculum endeavors to at least meet and generally exceed grade level requirements pursuant to the State of Connecticut. In addition, each student is encouraged to pursue areas of independent work and study.  Students continue to experience the advantage of working together in a multi - age environment. The teacher guides the child’s intellectual growth with the aid of the Montessori didactic materials, which are available to the students for their continued use. The curriculum is based on four key areas – language, math, cultural studies and the arts.

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Middle School

Middle School years are both very exciting, but also a vulnerable time of life when students search for themselves.  Each individual is on a journey to define him/herself academically, socially and emotionally. 

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